Kennel Club

The best $65 you'll spend all year!

Here at Six Pack Brewing, we are dedicated to making quality craft beers that are accessible to every type of beer lover - from the novice to the total expert. In an effort to celebrate our fellow enthusiasts, we have created the Six Pack Brewing Kennel Club Mug Club.


  • Enjoy your very own numbered mug every time you come in!
    (2023 Mug pictures coming soon!)

  • 0.5L pours in your mug for the price of a 12oz

  • 10% discount on merchandise

  • 10% discount on full cases

  • Crowler fills at refill price

  • 1 FREE mug fill during your birthday month

  • Invitations to EXCLUSIVE Kennel Club Events

  • Access to the Kennel Club Email Newsletter

  • Exclusive first access to bottle releases

  • Members' guests get their first pour for 1/2 price

  • First dibs at signing up for 2024 Membership


  • Memberships to the Kennel Club are first come-first serve.

  • Kennel Club members' dues are $65/year and are due at the time of application.

  • Mug numbers will be assigned in order of application receipt.

  • Memberships are valid for the entirety of the calendar year. A renewal reminder will be sent to the email address provided before the renewal period begins. Existing members will have first dibs on membership and mug number for the following year.

  • The Mug is yours - it lives with us, but members will take it home at the end of the year!

  • Members must present their Kennel Club Membership Card to receive perks.

  • Benefits and perks are not redeemable for cash.

  • Must be 21+ for membership.

  • Six Pack Brewing reserves the right to exclude or upcharge specialty beers from Kennel Club Perks.

2022 Kennel Club Mug

Renewals start november 2, 2022!