About Six Pack Brewing

Six Pack Brewing all began years ago when Mark Papi started home brewing. His passion for home brewing and brewery hopping all became part of life in the Papi house. After many years of planning and talking about the dream of having his own brewery in 2019 Mark and Kris Papi got the ball rolling with opening a nano brewery in Bristol RI.

The concept is based on a pack of dogs. Six dogs that Mark and Kris shared during their 20 year relationship and 14 year marriage. Elliott, Timmy, Oliver, Sheldon, Penny and the best for last Leonard. Unfortunately lives change Mark and Kris are now business partners only but their passion for Six Pack Brewing is stronger then ever. Sadly only 3 of the six pack are left.

Six Pack Brewing is a 1500 square foot nano brewery within that space there is a brew house that a 2 barrel brewing system lives. The idea is for Six Pack Brewing to offer small batches of a wide variety of beers. With Mark’s classic with a twist style of brewing he comes up with some interesting flavors. The taproom is a mishmosh of comfortable seating in a bright atmosphere. The brewery design was created by Kris Papi both Mark and Kris did the whole build up themselves.

Kris and Mark